Practice & Lesson Planning | Part I

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2 min readSep 5, 2022


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Prioritizing: Health

Q1: Reflection

Grab your practice/lesson plan and let’s get started. This is real life stuff right here — let’s make our learning spaces better, together.

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Q2: Awareness

Health comes in many forms. What you do to intentionally plan healthy conversations, healthy feedback, and healthy habits into planning is equally important to what you accomplish during that time.

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Q3: Clarity

Knowing what a healthy environment feels like matters. If our learners can recognize it, they can thrive in it and demand it from us. The alternative is far worse.

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Q4: Alignment

Finding alignment, especially in creating healthy learning spaces to develop healthy habits, is literally stacking the deck in your favor as an educator. .

Who wouldn’t want that?

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Q5: Congruence

Congruence = success.

The eye test helps you but so much. There has to be something else guiding our understanding of healthy practice/lesson plans..

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